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Who I am...

I am passionate about Agile and I came back to Italy after spending ten years abroad in Paris, London and the North of England. 

During these years I had the opportunity to live Agility in large international organisations and in different contexts.


I love exploring new frontiers of agility, in particular in the fields of physical products, the scaled agility and new business model.


For these reasons in this blog I am eager to share my experiences and thoughts on the themes of  Agile, Agile 4 Hardware, Agile @ Scale e Lean Startup to discuss with other professionals,

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Working Experience


I became an Agile Coach for one of the main car makers: I could experiment Agility in many innovative context.


I learnt what it means to put the design and inspiration at the heart of the product to create a unique experience for each customer. 


I applied the Lean, Six Sigma and Agile approaches to improve the processes and performance of a plant in te North of England.


I became an expert in Lean and Six Sigma


I got a degree in Management and Engineering in one of the oldest universities in Europe

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Le mie missioni

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My Missions

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